Multiple Construction Trailer Applications

Barker Trailers provides logistical solutions for multiple construction applications across its various trailer classes. Our Drop Deck trailers fitted with ramps are ideal for transporting tall loads, equipment, and heavy machinery. Barker Trailers Flat Top Extendable is excellently suited for carrying construction materials such as timber, steel beams, and piping. From our range of Moving Floors, the Refuse Bin is highly capable in carrying construction debris, whereas for raw material transportation a Chip Bin provides great value and productivity. 





Barker Trailers Drop Deck with Ramps: This trailer is specifically designed to cater to the needs of construction companies, contractors, and equipment transporters. The Drop Deck with Ramps allows for easy and convenient loading and unloading of construction equipment, providing a versatile solution for loading and transporting heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment.  The ramps provide a smooth transition from ground level to the trailer deck, ensuring efficient and safe transportation.

Barker Trailers Flat Top: Barker Trailers, an industry leader, manufactures Flat Top trailers with a focus on low tare weight and high payload advantage. Our robust and reliable standard Flat Top is designed for the transportation of diverse goods such as general freight, machinery, timber, and steel. Other variations of our Flat Top trailers include the Flat Top A, Flat Top Strawboy, and Extendable, with each offering unique features to ensure safe and efficient hauling. Contact Barker Trailers to explore our versatile Flat Top trailer range and find the perfect fit for your cargo needs.

Barker Trailers Flat Top Extendable: A versatile solution for transporting oversized or elongated loads. This trailer is specifically designed to accommodate various cargo lengths, making it ideal for carrying long structural components, pipes, machinery, and other lengthy items. The extendable deck allows the trailer's overall length to be adjusted to suit different freight, providing the flexibility needed to transport items of varying sizes.   Experience the versatility and convenience of this specialised trailer for your next transport operation.

Barker Trailers Chip Bin: Efficiently transport bulk materials. This Moving Floor trailer, offers large cubic capacity, and high functionality.  Barker Trailers manufactures durable Chip Bins using high-quality materials, ensuring reliable transport. Experience enhanced productivity, safety, and cost-effective bulk material transportation with Barker Trailers Chip Bins.