Designed to Provide a High Level of Durability

Barker Trailers various Moving Floor Bins are highly capable within the waste industry, with options suitable for general rubbish, recyclables, construction debris, and green waste. Our Moving Floors Bins provide a safe and efficient dispersal of the payload, and are designed to provide a high level of durability for the types of waste it will carry and the operating tasks it will complete over its lifetime. Barker Trailers specialises in manufacturing Refuse Bins, Chip Bins and Recyclables Bins that are specifically designed for use within the waste management industry.





Features and benefits of Refuse Bins: Barker Trailers Refuse Bins offer a leak proof subfloor, heavy duty top rail, sealed top hinge rear door, hydraulic flip over roof, as well as number of other customisable options. These bins are made to last and can be tailored to meet waste management companies' specific needs, withstand demanding conditions, and ensure reliable performance. The hydraulically driven moving floor system within a Refuse Bin enables controlled unloading, minimising spills and accidents. With a large cubic capacity, waste and refuse management companies can transport more materials per trip, improving operational efficiency. 

Chip Bins for Moving Floors trailers offer several advantages: Chip Bin Moving Floors trailers efficiently transport numerous types of bulk materials.  The hydraulically driven moving floor system enables controlled unloading, eliminating the need for tipping and reducing accidents. Barker Trailers manufactures durable Chip Bins using high-quality materials, ensuring reliability in demanding transportation conditions. With Barker Trailers Chip Bins, businesses experience enhanced productivity, safety, and cost-effective transportation of bulk materials.

Features and benefits of Barker Trailers Recyclables Bins: Barker Trailers Recyclables Bins are equipped with a hydraulically driven moving floor system, provides efficient unloading and large cubic capacity for transporting recyclables. By incorporating Barker Trailers purpose-built Recyclables Bins, recycling companies can optimise their operations, enhance efficiency, and contribute to sustainable waste management practices.