Maximise Your Business' Productivity

Barker Trailers manufactures various Curtainsider, Flat Top, Drop Deck, and Skeletal Trailers that are suitable to meet any of your General Freight transport needs. Made from 100% Australian sourced steel, our General Freight Trailers provide a high level of durability, which combined with a wide range of optional extras to maximise your business’ productivity, results in a product to be proud of using. 





Features and benefits of Curtainsiders: At Barker Trailers, we offer a range of Curtainsider trailers specifically designed to cater to your general freight transport needs. Our Curtainsiders provide the perfect solution for transporting palletised freight, sensitive items, and common retail goods. With features such as a hard-shell roof, solid front bulkhead, and retractable curtains on each side, loading and unloading is simple and efficient from its sides and rear. Whether you require a standard or Drop Deck Curtainsider, we have the ideal trailer to meet your general freight transport requirements.

Lightweight, High Payload Solutions for Versatile Haulage - Flat Tops: Barker Trailers, an industry leader, manufactures Flat Top trailers with a focus on low tare weight and high payload advantage. Our robust and reliable standard Flat Top is designed for the transportation of diverse goods such as general freight, machinery, timber, and steel. Other variations of our Flat Top trailers include the standard Flat Top, Flat Top A, Flat Top Strawboy, and Extendable, with each offering unique features to ensure safe and efficient hauling. Contact Barker Trailers to explore our versatile Flat Top trailer range and find the perfect fit for your cargo needs.

Barker Trailers offers a comprehensive range of Skeletals: Our Skeletal trailers are engineered with precision and durability to meet the demands of the general freight industry. Designed to carry 20' to 45' containers, our Skeletals ensure secure transportation with twist-lock systems. Retractable and Roll Back options are also available within our range of Skeletals. Retractable Skeletals contain three different positions of operation, offering the flexibility of being able to carry varying sizes of containers. The Roll Back Skeletal improves ease of use by enabling containers to be rolled back for loading and unloading and can also be utilised to improve axle loading.

Key features of Barker Drop Deck Trailers:  Barker Drop Deck trailers are suitable for carrying high loads, or to further maximise cubic capacity available on a trailer. Combinations utilising Drop Decks can be specifically engineered for tag-to-lead drivability. Various additional options such as stainless-steel toolboxes, timber racks, and bolster storage are available to ensure our Drop Deck trailer is tailored to your needs.